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Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

Re-branding the Royal Air Force’s leading welfare charity to stand out and gain awareness against growing competition.

The Royal Air Force Benevolvent Fund is the RAF’s leading welfare charity providing support to RAF families, maintaining the RAF Memorial and Bommber Command Memorial in London and provide services to children through their Airplay programme.


In a competitive environment, the RAFBF were struggling to stand out against similar charities supporting ex-service personnel. Although the logo was recognisable and considered iconic, the RAFBF’s overall image needed modernising and aligning with their digital presence.


Fresh Lemon provided a new and dynamic brand identity overhaul for the RAFBF derived from the swerves of the heart device from the logo identity. The bold shapes acted as flexible graphic elements to house imagery and content across the charity’s communications materials. The ‘swoops’ were also suggestive of the paths of aircraft in mid-flight alongside a suite of new icons of RAF planes as additional decorative elements.


Fresh Lemon packaged the new brand identity within a brand book containing comprehensive guidelines, guidance for use of the new assets alongside newly selected typefaces and an extended colour palette. The book was also used to convey the charity’s brand values and core messages to their audience and staff.




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