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There’s a new entry to the world of children’s stationery. Meet Smudge. The stationery company that gives kids the tools to express themselves and make their mark in the world.

With nothing more than a name and the ambitious vision of the two founders, Fresh Lemon created a strategic brand proposition to provide Smudge with an attitude of its own. After the research and competitor analysis phase it was clear that to stand out, Smudge had to be different. It had to make a noise.


A new logo was devised alongside a set of distinctive and striking core colours. Fresh Lemon delivered the market-ready identity with a comprehensive set of style guidelines to align with their vision and values. The target audience focused on ‘tweens’, aged 7-13, a niche group other brands had yet to capitalise on. This clarity over what Smudge represented then paved the way for a visual world that was carried through to product selection and design.


Style Guidelines

Smudge Stationery
Smudge Stationery
Smudge Stationery
Smudge Stationery
Smudge Stationery