Ashe Group
Strategy / UX / Copywriting / Website / Brand Development

Ashe Group is a leading construction services business in the social infrastructure and commercial sector. Ashe is a trustworthy partner and involved with large scale projects and frameworks, however their website lacked clarity. It had become heavy with content and hard to navigate leading to a loss of important information around their company culture, project case studies and progressive values.

Fresh Lemon’s initial work centred around a deep strategic overview at every level and discipline of the business to better understand Ashe’s strengths and to organise outgoing messages, content planning and service presentations to its core audience.

Ashe - Website

By listening to the desired outcomes from each department and to individual stories across diverse roles from within Ashe, Fresh Lemon were able to uncover the important themes needed to deliver to a range of stakeholders all with different expectations.

Our brand modelling generated new purpose statements for Ashe along with top-line messages that drove the copywriting and content planning for the new website.

Ashe - Website
Ashe - Website
Ashe - Fresh Lemon

Fresh Lemon also enhanced the Ashe logo and colour palette with a bold, streamlined device and hues better suited to creating a dynamic on-screen presence.

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